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Using the Collection widget to curate content on landing pages

The Collection widget allows you to curate links to content and other landing pages.

This feature is only available for brands running the Simba theme. Details on which sites run which theme can be found here.

This article is a work-in-progress and subject to change.

What does it do?

Previously, in order to curate content in widgets, you needed to either use a tag to pull through that content, or build a separate menu. Both methods were workarounds and prone to bugs.

We now have a widget specifically designed for curating content. Rather than configuring a Post Query Widget to pull through a set number of articles from a given category or tag, you can now explicitly list out the links you want to surface in the widget.

The widget also supports including non-content pages (such as archive pages) in the widget if needed.

How do I use this widget on my homepage?

Adding the widget

Go to the widget screen (under ‘Appearance > Widgets’).

Drag the ‘Collection Widget’ into the ‘Home’ widget slot:

When you drag the widget in, it will show you all available options:

Add content

To curate content, search for the title of the post or page that you want to serve where it says ‘Search for an item’. The widget will return a list of results for you to scroll through – select the one you want:

After selecting a post, you’re free to search for another piece of content:

The drop-down field above the search bar can be used to filter your search. For example, if you wanted to just search within reviews, you can do as follows:

You can add as many items as you’d like to each version of the widget.

Adding non-content pages

As the above screenshot shows, you can also add non-content pages (such as archive pages) to the widget.

To do so, simply filter by the required Taxonomy, then search for the name of the taxonomy. For example, if you wanted to add your ‘News’ category to the widget, select ‘Taxonomy: Category’, then search for ‘News’.

Note: if you configure the widget to show images (see below), you’ll need to add a Thumbnail Image to your taxonomies. You can do so by editing your term.

Additional options

The widget allows the following options:

Title: the title of the widget. This will show above the items you add on the front-end unless hidden (check the ‘Hide Widget Title’ option if you wish to do that).

The following options mirror whatever options you have available for your Post Query Widgets:

Layout // e.g. Hero, Filmstrip, Grid, etc.
Style // A, B or C (mirrors styles available to you in the PQW)
Image // Landscape, Portrait, Square or none ('Text only')
Ad Position // Talk to the Keystone team to define this
Display Ad On // Talk to the Keystone team to define this
Container // Same options as available in the PQW

The other options are all basic configurations shared with the Post Query Widget (e.g. ‘Show Author’). Check out the PQW’s documentation for more details.

Where else can I use this widget?

The widget is primarily designed for the homepage, but can be used elsewhere:

Custom pages: can only be added if that custom page has a custom widget set. If it does, simply edit the custom widget set in order to add widgets as required.

Archive pages: can add the Collection widget to the ‘Archive Featured’ widget slot. This will render the widget on all archive pages below the title and description, but above the list of items. To serve different widgets to different archive pages, utilise the Visibility options.

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