Embedding video on Keystone and using JW Player

This guide outlines how to use JW Player in the Keystone ecosystem.

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How to get access to JW Player

To request access to the JW Player platform, you can ask on Slack in the #keystone-help channel. Alternatively, fill out this Google Form.

How to upload a video to JW Player

Login to the JW Platform

Choose the brand from “Property” dropdown

Click ‘Videos’ and subsequently ‘Upload Video’

Choose the video file

Once the asset has finished uploading, it may take a few minutes for the transcoding to be finished

How to embed a video into Keystone with JW Player

Similar to how Brightcove works, once the video has been uploaded to JW, when you click ‘Add Media’, you can search for the video from JW:

Alternatively, you can paste the media ID (you’ll be able to see this when viewing an asset) directly from the JW Platform using the shortcode format (make sure to place the below within square brackets):

jwplayer key="MEDIA-ID-FROM-JW-HERE"

For featured videos, you can either use the Media popup to search/insert or simply paste the media ID into the field.

How to disable preroll on a video with JW Player

Previously, you were able to disable video within the Brightcove platform. With JW, this sits with our Ad Ops team. To have preroll disabled from a video/page, send the page to tiuktraffic@ti-media.com.

How to remove someone’s access to JW Player

If someone in your team leaves, please let someone know on Slack in the #keystone-help channel. Alternatively, fill out this Google Form.

How to syndicate content with JW Player

To syndicate content, you simply have to tag the content as syndicate. Open an asset within the JW Dashboard and add the appropriate tag. Example screenshot:

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