Using Silent Updates to update content without affecting timestamps

This feature allows you to perform 'functional' changes to content without updating the timestamps in the page markup.

This is new functionality. If you experience any issues with behaviour, please flag on Microsoft Teams.

What does it do?

When you publish or update a piece of content on Keystone, the site will change the value for the following fields:

datePublished - the time and date the content was published
dateModified/dateUpdated -the time and date the content was changed

The datePublished is the date and time you can see next to the ‘Published on’ info in the top-right of the post editor.

The dateModified/dateUpdated value is changed every time you press ‘Update’ on a piece of content, regardless of the change.

Sometimes a piece of content needs a ‘functional’ update where the scope of the content itself isn’t being updated. This could include:

  • Adding or changing affiliate links
  • Correcting typos
  • Adding or removing taxonomy terms such as Tags

This tool allows you to update the article so that the changes are saved and published, without changing the ‘dateModified’/’dateUpdated’ values.

How do I use it?

You’ll see the ‘Silent Update’ icon appear next to the ‘Update’ button on a piece of previously published content. Here’s a direct comparison:

Previous functionality displayed on the left, new functionality displayed on the right. Note the ‘Calendar’ icon in the bottom-right.

The ‘Silent Update’ button is the one using the Calendar icon with a cross in it.

Custom Post Types

Custom post types such as Reviews, Recipes, Events, etc. should also support this option. If your site uses custom post types and it’s not visible, please let us know.

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